George washington an american hero

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George washington an american hero

Contents [ show ] History There were a number of people who led the country as specified under the Articles of Confederation, but those are generally glossed over when most Americans think about history, mainly because the national government under the Articles was a total joke with no power whatsoever.

George washington an american hero

Needless to say, that was one piece of advice that went unheeded by the American people. He was captured by the French after losing the Battle of Fort Necessity, but he was soon set free. American Revolution Highlights from his command during the revolution include the Battle of Trenton where he led a group of American soldiers across the frozen Delaware River to slaughter a bunch of Hessian mercenaries in the middle of the night on Christmas of and his encampment at Valley Forge where his troops rested for the bitter winter of - many of them George washington an american hero and all suffered terribly, but Washington is remembered as being very noble about the whole thing.

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He was instrumental in persuading Army officers not to carry out a planned mutiny over their lack of pay. When he was unable to persuade them because of the disgrace or the fact that mutinying would not get them their pay, he tried to read a letter to them to persuade them.

He had to pull out his glasses to do so, and the officers realized that his health was failing, and so refrained to avoid distressing him.

Even better, according to legend, he said "Forgive me, for I have grown blind as well gray at the cause of Liberty" while doing so.

Many of the men present were reportedly driven to tears. The original Articles of Confederation did not work well.

George washington an american hero

As such, a new Constitution was written in with Washington serving as the president of the Constitutional Conventionand Washington was unanimously elected President in and again in This achievement must be qualified however.

For one thing, Washington was running unopposed, and for another, the suffrage was far more limited than it would be for his successors. But nonetheless Washington would have likely won even without these qualifications since he was one of the most famous people in the world in the s and s, a global celebrity renowned not only in America, but also in England and Europe.

The fallout over the Articles of Confederation also made Washington feel that a more stable form of institutions needed to be put in place, so as to preserve stability, and also to better protect his considerably large estate and great wealth until the 45th President of the United States, Washington was the richest man to hold the office of President.

The tradition has been carried on by all of the succeeding presidents. Washington as President was very keen for putting himself above the fray, and largely presided over the debate of his cabinet and fellow colleagues. This served him well since it prevented his name from being associated with policies that could make him controversial and polarizing to other figures.

Washington was quite keen, for both personal reasons and for historical reasons, to be the symbol of all Americans, and he was quite conscious of his status as the Hero of the American Revolution, and to preserve that, he often let his subordinates conduct policies as they saw fit.

Washington devoted a lot of attention to what we would call "image politics". He was also, for a man of his time, widely traveled. At one point, he conducted a grand tour of all the states in the Union.

You can find a plaque or exhibit claiming "Washington slept here" at just about every city and inn along the Atlantic coast—especially in Virginia. This impressed upon American citizens the idea and image of the President, not merely as an official and Head of State but as an active politician voted and elected by the people.

He also stopped the Whiskey Rebellion without using the national army he instead used state militias and without firing a single shot. Admitted Vermont, Kentucky, and Tennessee to the Union, the first states that were not former colonies.

The closest thing Americans have to a real-life superhero. While he might or might not have been Batman, Washington was definitely Bruce Wayne: His extensive real estate holdings made him the wealthiest man in Virginia, possibly in all North America.

Another equally apocryphal story says that he was able to throw a silver dollar across the Potomac River. Other rumors include tidbits like how his teeth were made of wood, and he was a Christian who prayed every day — though neither would have been unusual at the time. The American capital, Washington, D.George Washington became a hero due to his role as commander in chief of the Continental Army.

Congress assigned him this position in , and his leadership helped the army defeat the British in the American Revolution. George Washington's legacy endures among the most influential in American history, being Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army and a hero of the Revolution, and subsequently the first President of the United plombier-nemours.comded by: John Adams.

The statue of a Revolutionary War hero standing guard at the Ohio Crawford County Courthouse in Bucyrus, Ohio, was beheaded some time last week, and a reward is being offered to help find the vandals who destroyed the likeness of William Crawford.

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“According to Crawford County Prosecutor Matt. George Washington was many things, including a Revolutionary War hero and the first President of the United States.

That is why George Washington is my hero. Before we learn about George Washington's accomplishments, we must first learn about his early life.

He was born on February 22, to Augustine and Mary Washington in Westmoreland County, Virginia. George Washington was a general who led the Continental Army--the first army of the American Colonies--in the French and Indian War, and then in the American Revolution. He later made his mark as the first president of the United States of America.

Statue of Slain American Hero, George Washington Confidant, Beheaded in Ohio Courtyard