Paul mccartney songwriting analysis group

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Paul mccartney songwriting analysis group

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For reading convenience, please open the reader comments section in a parallel browser window. Introduction Ah, the little silly swamp guys. Truth is, they were one of my favourite four bands fourth, actually, after the Beatles, Stones, and the Jim Morrison fella for more than three years or so, and even though, once I got tired of 'em, they don't appear on my CD player too often, never mind: I still hold a soft spot for Mr John Fogerty, his magnificent raunchy voice and delicious guitar chops.

paul mccartney songwriting analysis group

After all, they seem to have been Paul McCartney's favourite American band, and you can't get away from that, can you? Back in the late Sixties, when they burst out on the scene, CCR certainly constituted a mighty opposition to the predominant directions that unfortunate American rock music had taken: CCR were neither trippy nor esoteric.

The main problem with CCR has thus always resided within the question: A question which is indeed hard to answer. Creedence Clearwater Revival had always put the main emphasis on the 'retro' character of their music, recreating the ancient boogie-woogie spirit of Chuck Berry and Little Richard with just a few but significant updates for the late Sixties' sound.

But this music was never particularly innovative or original; even worse, the few times that the band tried to suit the times, it hopelessly lost - just listen to the atrocity of the psychedelic suite 'Rude Awakening 2', recorded inwhen psychedelia was already on its way out, for instance.

In this way, it is really hard to rate CCR as a band with a 'distinct original style' or something like that; the band certainly had its distinct original style, but you couldn't really tell what it is in one sentence.

Overall, the four-star rating that I give 'em here is justified by a whole bunch of significant advantages. Namely, CCR were a great, but not terribly original band, that fully met all the basic conditions for a good rock'n'roll band, hell - for an outstanding rock'n'roll band.

But just a rock'n'roll band, nothing more. The key to the band's secret certainly lies in the giftedness of their leader and main ego - John Fogerty. It's mainly the man's combination of a very well-crafted, memorable melodies; b captivating and electrifying guitar playing; c an amazing singing voice; d an unprecedented overload of energy that have allowed CCR to occupy the position they're currently occupying and - I hope - will occupy for as long as the world stands.

The rhythm section of the band was quite powerful, too, but let's cut the crap - it's John Fogerty we're interested in primarily.Kenneth Womack is a world-renowned authority on the Beatles and their enduring cultural influence. His latest book project involves a two-volume, full-length biography devoted .

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Paul McCartney recently spoke with Billy Collins at Rollins College, where he discussed his career. Paul McCartney Shares Songwriting Secrets in College Lecture – Rolling Stone.

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paul mccartney songwriting analysis group

One of John Lennon's earliest compositions, I Call Your Name was the only Lennon-McCartney original on the Long Tall Sally EP. It was likely held off the A Hard Day's Night album due to the similar use of cowbell in You Can't Do That.

The 30A Songwriters Festival Lineup will be announced later this year! Browse the lineup below. With The Beatles - Capitol C (Very Good / Great) Best song: All My Loving or Not A Second Time.

The original material on this release made up the bulk of the American bastard Meet The Beatles, and it's not hard at all to see why the group became such huge stars of them absolutely blow away the guys' compositions on Please, with only the somewhat stupid Hold Me Tight.

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