Pest analysis of toshiba

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Pest analysis of toshiba

There are several factors that have been affecting its performance and the decline looks perpetual. Despite trying their best even the known names have continued to lose their market share. Dell and HP could not achieve remarkable growth rates either. The problem is in the fast changing environment.

The changing technological and economic factors both are there behind the continuous decline. However, there are other factors too that are hindering the growth of this sector.

While most analysts have predicted that the downslide is going to continue, some of the PC makers like HP are trying to bring the PC and laptops back in a new avatar. Some of the PC makers are feeling existential pressure. Political stability or instability can have a deep impact on the profitability of an industry.

Globally the political environment is linked with economic stability. Political instability can lead to chaos and disruption of supply chain.

Several of these Pest analysis of toshiba makers have a large number of their suppliers in China. Dell has a very large number of its suppliers from various parts of China. In the recent years the political environment in China has remained normal which means no disruptions.

Even then in several other areas in Europe, political turmoil could affect PC business. Leaving aside Brexit political turmoil in other nations like Spain could also impact PC business. These political changes have both short and long term impact on the market conditions.

Changing political tides in the European countries can leave the PC makers badly frustrated.

Pest analysis of toshiba

Political stability ensures several things apart from continued supply and good sales. It also ensures that companies can do business without any fear of losing profits and sales.

Pest analysis of toshiba

Economic factors mostly have a direct impact on market conditions. However, sometimes even small economic changes can shift the tide, making the situation less than favorable for the companies.

Economic growth drives industrial growth and economic recession whose impact is still being felt in several corners of the world is also a reason that the PC industry has been on a downward trajectory.

There are other factors too like production costs, labor costs etc. It is the primary reason that most PC makers have shifted production to China where labor and raw material costs are considerably lower.

Moreover, with economic revival the situation in Asian markets has grown a lot better. Compared to the other markets, the performance of the Indian and Chinese markets has remained better. The importance of China as a market for PCs has grown in these years.

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HP and Lenovo particularly saw some good performance in these markets during the recent years. In all the markets and economies, better economic conditions mean higher consumption. So, economic factors are a major force that can influence PC sales all over the world.

While some brands are experiencing satisfactory growth in the Asian markets, others are trying to be back with attractive products and prices. Prices are an influential factor when it comes to sales and profitability of these PC brands.

It is why the Laptop and PC makers try to attract new customers using various deals and discounts. The social and cultural trends too impact the PC popularity and sales deeply.

People have started using mobile devices with large screens that can provide both connectivity and options to surf the internet. Smartphones and tablets are more in use as people can post Facebook updates on the go from anywhere.

Several things have changed in just last ten years. However, in the Asian societies where PC was initially seen as a tool for professionals has become increasingly common.

It is being used for home computing, entertainment and gaming purposes too.Toshiba products are found World wide, with an array of different products.

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